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Come spend 30-minutes or the whole day with Brendan Boykin. Brendan developed and authored "Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Pro X 10.1 - Professional Post-Production", the official curriculum used at Apple Certified Training Centers worldwide. Brendan will be teaching sessions and answering your questions at the Rewind Technology booth. Rewind Technology is the only Apple IT and Pro Apps Certified Training Center in the Rocky Mountains that can offer you publicly available classroom training or customized private training for OS X, iOS, and Pro Apps.

30-minute Sessions

Wednesday October, 25 (This Schedule repeats on Thursday October, 26)

Rewind Technology Pavilion - 10:30am (30 minutes)

Final Cut Pro: Professional Features for Professional Editors


Rewind Technology Pavilion - 11:15 am (30 minutes)

Final Cut Pro and Motion: Tips and Tricks


Rewind Technology Pavilion - 12:30am (30 minutes)

Final Cut Pro: After Lunch Chat


Rewind Technology Pavilion - 1:30pm (30 minutes)

Final Cut Pro:  Media Organizer


Rewind Technology Pavilion - 2:15pm (30 minutes)

Final Cut Pro:  Story Organizer


Rewind Technology Pavilion - 3:15pm (30 minutes)

Final Cut Pro X: Library Management - Where's My Stuff?

Put the power of Libraries, Events, Collections, and Projects to work for you without duplicating or transcoding media.

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